25 December 2010

A Message With No Receiver


This message is for you..

I do not give you a candy which can be easily for you to  swallow  to enjoy the sweetness, but I give you the bitter seeds. So you have to chew it  before you can feel the secret inside it  even though the taste was so intensely bitter.

I'm try harder to find the best words to tell you what I was feeling but due to the fact that it's common sense you probably wouldn't understand anyways.

To make it simple,here we go..

You used to said that you hate losing.But as i told you before, there is big difference between hating losing and afraid to lose.You should learn about that.

Don’t lose your focus sweetheart..

Weary hearts can make your mind become like the parched desert.

You’ll be lost without a map and compass.

You want something that you call it ‘Happiness’ right?

Now I ask you..

“What does happiness means if you woke up every morning with a sense of longing?”

Think hard my dear..

A Message With No Receiver

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