14 July 2011

She Said..


“Knowing you is value added to my life.

Knowing you teach me to value the time we spend together.

Knowing you teach me to accept you without any conditions.

Knowing you make me realize that sometime be a good listener is better than be an observer.

Knowing you teach me that it’s ok to tell the truth rather than telling lie.

Knowing you make me realize that you’re so love to pampered.

Knowing you make me realize that all this while my life is not complete until I know you.”

I said:

Knowing you is one of the best part of my life. <3<3<3

08 July 2011

I Love Her


Last week was the most relaxing and beautiful weekend I’ve ever had.
Even though i’m just laid and sleep for a few hours in front of 32 inch television, but i felt very calm.Bak kata my boss "very and the very very".

But my mood swings on the evening.Out of sudden. It seems like everything goes wrong.

I really hate this kind of feeling and till now i do not know how to describe it. The only thing i can say is I get mad over everything.

I meant over every single fucking thing!

The worst part is I get mad for no permanent reason.

So, I tried to sleep, but I can't.

Then I drove my car around the town to find a Martini Dry or a bottle of Red Wine.I've started to think that alcohol is necessary.


Pardon my stupidity.

Lucky me,I’ve received one meaningful text message before all those terrible things happen.

“Take ur time..I’m glad if u comeback tonite”

Simple.. but bright enough to take all my pain away.


PS : Thanks dear..I love u.

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