08 October 2010

The Story Behind The Soda


The Story Behind The Soda

From the very fuckin 1st day,i already told you,I'm not like others! I’m nothing..I’m nothing!

I sleep while everyone else is awake.
Sometimes i feel like depressed men who only bear the week to get to the weekend, but when the weekend comes, i do absolutely nothing.

But I’m not stupid,i know about your game.I only act dumb to make the stupid people like you feel clever.I only listen to your constant bullshit hoping that you just might hear the stupid things that are coming out of your mouth.Turns out you can't fix stupid.

Keep pretending,keep lying,lies and more lies but you poke a wrong tiger this time sweetie.

I'm done with this.

You want to hear a good lie from me?

Here's one - “I love you.”

ps: Let me know when you grow up. Maybe I'll still be around.


  1. gua like post ni juta2 kali. bulshit ppl are more bullshit than bullshit. yea!


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